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Cardboard Paper
Completed Dec 13 2021 Beamsville project_edited.jpg

Acrylic 24x32   Visual Arts Painting

I was one of the artists selected to do a piece for the "Downtown Bench Beamsville Walking art gallery" My concept is based on Beamsville being a major supplier of grapes to the wine industry in Niagara. I wanted to focus on the workers hands, the tough stained skin of the hands that are responsible for this wonderful industry that has brought employment and many successful wineries to thrive here in Niagara.

Left side_edited.jpg

Bell Box Mural Project for Welland summer of 2021 depicting Welland canal rowing club



Current display at the Gallery at the Seaway Mall as of Nov 11th 2022


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All artwork copyright by John Zaleski

Created with Love by Creative Anchor

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