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Brief Biography

Born in a refugee camp in Germany after WWII, with my parents I migrated to Montreal, where my love of nature and art was initiated. Upon reflection, I suppose it was the rich tapestry of a multinational, dispossessed immigrant community, which played such a huge role inspiring the curiosity of my youth. To this day, I can still smell the aromas of inner-city blocks and hear the clamour to dinner for the children in a myriad of languages from a hundred different windows and balconies.

After five years employed in the graphic arts  industry, I was compelled to seek out more lucrative employment in a variety of business and careers. Such is life, where home, family and economic reality through the years, render the dreams of a creative person to a more secondary nature.

Following business opportunities and moving from Quebec to Ontario (the Niagara Peninsula), I was still able to revel in the splendour of nature, but my painting time was greatly restricted. Mostly relegated to commissions only, my real love for the craft was left relatively unfulfilled until retirement.

Since 2006 I have been blessed not only with the desire, but also with the time explore colour, composition and creativity  within the all-consuming fabric of artistic expression. Oh, what a wonderful world it is.

 John Zaleski - Canadian landscape and portrait artist 

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Montreal Canadiens Painting

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